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"The Barfield School intends to be a community of individuals committed to the integration of academic study, spiritual practice and research and service to the humanity and the earth.

For some years now, we have analyzed, lamented and resolved to rectify the extent to which traditional or mainstream higher education provides little opportunity for the valuable contributions that can be made by spiritual practice and insight. We are convinced that when joined to study and professional work, spiritual practice will enable students to develop and a more creative and empowered vocational life.

For too long, spiritually seeking academics such as ourselves have lived a divided life in which our spiritual and intellectual commitments have been kept largely apart. Likewise, we believe students have been denied the opportunity to be educated as whole persons. If thinking is to be redeemed, if intelligence is to be wrested away from the materialism that dominates our culture, we need to work in light of spiritual insight."

Faculty of The Barfield School are conversant with a diversity of spiritual paths and teachings, and they are joined by their common participation in the study of Anthroposophy.

Anthroposophy, as articulated by Rudolf Steiner, provides the methodology for their esoteric research.

Anthroposophy embraces a spiritual view of the human being and the cosmos, but its emphasis is on knowing, not faith. It is a path in which the human heart and hand, and especially our capacity for thinking, are essential. It leads, in Steiner's words, "from the spirit in the human being to the spirit in the universe," because only if we first come to experience the spirit in ourselves can we know the cosmic spirit.

But Anthroposophy is more than self-development. Through it we recognize our humanity. Humanity (anthropos) has the inherent wisdom (Sophia) to transform both itself and the world.

Consistent with Anthroposophical ideals, The Barfield School embraces multiple modes of knowing and all positive contributions to the renewal of culture. It is committed to the attainment, dissemination and implementation of spiritual and esoteric knowledge though a wide variety of professional and academic fields and practices.




























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